New York successful in the fight against illegal gambling

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It is not only European countries that are fighting illegal gambling. The problem of illegal gambling also exists in the USA. As it was announced a few days ago, a more or less great success was achieved: Six suspicious persons were arrested, who belong to a known criminal family.

Charges of illegal gambling and extortion

The six people arrested are members of the well-known Genovese family. At least four of them are direct family members, while two others were merely employees. Two charges are being brought against all of them: Illegal gambling and criminal extortion. The two are partially related when gamblers are extorted for their losses and the credits they were given. Three prosecutors from different districts are involved in the charges.

All of those now in custody were arrested at different times. One of them has already been in custody for three weeks, while others were arrested only a few days ago. In addition, not all of them were apprehended in one place. While some were taken into custody in New York, one was caught in South Florida. This illustrates how successful the cooperation between the states and the prosecutors is. Therefore, according to a press release, the prosecutors involved are very pleased. They also announced that they will continue to work to dismantle the mafia.

After all, the Genovese family had earned its income through illegal gambling and had given loans to the gamblers involved, which they were unable to repay. According to the public prosecutor’s office, these were incredibly high debts.

Genovese family known nationwide

All prosecutors have promised to continue to pursue the criminal organization and break it up as best they can. One problem regarding the Genovese family is that they operate nationwide. Of course, this also makes it more difficult to find all the members involved. The organization is an association that calls itself a family. Family refers to other entities that are part of the organization. Apart from the term Genovese, the organization refers to itself as the Mafia and La Cosa Nostra.

As it has now been revealed, there are other important people who operate within the organization. Thus, there are the ordinary members, referred to as soldiers, as led by the captain. Such a unit is called a crew. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story, because all members may in turn work with other people. In some cases these belong to the organization or they are “strangers”. In order for a person to be allowed to work for the Genovese family, he must, among other things, commit acts of violence.

The captain, as the head of the family, is responsible for the safety of its members. To compensate for this, he receives a certain share of the income generated by the members. This structure makes it relatively difficult to catch an organization completely. The fight against crime starts with the investigation of illegal gambling.

New York fights with five families

The Genovese family is not the only organization operating in New York. There are said to be five families in total, some of which are descended from each other. Due to the fact that all of the families operate nationwide, the fight is proving very difficult. Even the current arrest is no guarantee that the fight will move forward. At the moment, these are only charges, but they have not yet been proven. Only the ongoing investigations will show whether the right people have been arrested. The prosecution is pleased, however, that at least there will be a trial.

Regardless of the outcome of the trial, the other members, crews and other organizations will continue to operate. This means that illegal gambling is not over in New York either. As long as gamblers keep turning to the illegal offerings, completely combating it could be difficult. Only the near future will show whether legalizing gambling or creating new online casinos will help. Nevertheless, it could mean progress if more states legalize gambling, as could currently be the case in Texas, for example. According to public reports, not only online gambling but also cannabis could soon be legal in Texas.

Governor of Texas wants to legalize gambling

The candidate for Texas governor has revealed that he wants to legalize gambling. Interestingly, this idea is not related to stopping any illegal gambling that may exist. Instead, the governor wants to make money by legalizing gambling. This money would be used to reduce property taxes at the same time. Texas does not have a state property tax. Instead, municipalities and counties levy their own property taxes. This is supposed to be reduced if the municipality or district earns money from gambling.

The way it works in Texas is that residents are in favor of gambling. However, since they are not yet offered in Texas, many would travel to another state. This would no longer be the case after legalization and gamblers could stay in their own state. In addition, the state is currently losing several billion, which other states are happy about. However, it was also mentioned that the legalization of gambling would not be easy. Thus, everyone can be curious whether it will come to that or not.

At the moment, gambling is prohibited by law in Texas. The current governor wants to continue to adhere to this law. Only the candidate running for the next election is in favor of gambling and something else.

Sports betting and cannabis to be legalized as well

In order to bring in a large amount of money via gambling, sports betting and cannabis are also to be legalized in Texas. However, both would also need to be passed into law. For a law to be amended, two-thirds of the House of Representatives must agree. That would be the case next year at the earliest, when a general vote on new laws takes place. Since not all politicians are in favor of a gambling law, it will be exciting. In addition, however, many gambling operators have a strong interest in establishing themselves in Texas. Whether their influence is sufficient or not will also only become clear next year.

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